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At General Heating and Air Conditioning, we have always engaged in projects with an eye towards the future because we know that today’s construction projects have a profound impact on the future. Building with mindset towards sustainability and our environment is a crucial part of doing business at General because sustainability is critical in all HVAC systems.

The systems we install are of the highest quality and are built to last many years.

We know that improved efficiency must be coupled with improved economy and reliable performance. This is the definition of sustainable construction.

There is no waste greater than that generated by re-building what should be a fully functional HVAC system. General is viewed as the “go to” contractor when it comes to building for sustainability. We are not only a leader in the design and installation of sustainable HVAC systems, but we also have key management systems and strategies in place to promote sustainability in all operations on a daily basis. Some of these approaches include:

  • Waste Management: Mindful storage and collection of materials is standard practice at General. We recycle all possible waste materials including metal, cardboard, glass, and plastic. In addition, we will ensure that our suppliers and subcontractors working on site do the same.
  • Material Selection: When we are making material selections, we know that there are options available to us for possible use and installation. In making our decisions, we actively work to ensure that the majority of the materials we use are manufactured either locally or regionally.
  • Materials and Equipment: All of our materials and equipment are sealed and stored in a climate-controlled environment. We have several warehouses available to store equipment and materials until they are delivered to the site. Once on site, all ductwork and piping will remain sealed and covered until it is installed. All hanging runs will be capped at the end of the day to reduce potential contamination to the HVAC system.
  • Low-Emitting Materials: General has considerable experience working with piping systems that produce no emissions. Working with our insulators, we utilize manufacturers that produce formaldehyde free duct wrap. We continue to actively monitor the development of all new materials and approaches to design and installation.



In addition to day-to-day practices around our organization, we have significant experience working with sustainable projects, many of which qualified and earned LEED certification. At General, our commitment to sustainable operations is reflected in everything that we do.

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