Contract Delivery Driver | General Heating and Air Conditioning

Contract Delivery Driver

Job Title: Contract Delivery Driver

Reports to: Manager of Materials, Tools & Equipment

Status: Full Time

General Summary:

Responsible for material deliveries to and from job sites including pick-up from vendors when necessary.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Makes deliveries to job sites as directed by Truck Dispatcher. Assists with the loading of these materials, making sure all loads are legally and properly secured and protected.  Assists in unloading materials and equipment on job sites.  Completes drivers log sheet for deliveries.
  • Properly tags all returned materials and places them in the proper location.
  • Visually inspects all tools/equipment returned from job sites and notes any obvious problems to the Manager of Materials immediately.
  • Responsible for pre-trip inspection of delivery vehicle to assure that vehicle is safe to drive and roadworthy, and the cleanliness of delivery trucks and trailers.
  • Operates forklift as needed.
  • Assists if necessary with office trash collection, stockroom/warehouse duties, and service part deliveries.
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by supervisor.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

  • Minimum of one year CDL driving experience with a good driving record.
  • Strong mechanical aptitude with basic math skills with a high school diploma or GED.
  • Good verbal communication skills required.

Scope Data (budget accountability, operating revenues, organizational unit responsibility, number of employees supervised, other pertinent numeric data):

  • Works and interacts in team environment with 10 – 15 personnel.
  • Delivers approximately $2 – 3 million of material and equipment.

Description of physical working environment:

  • Delivers and unloads on field construction sites in all kinds of weather.
  • Ability to climb up and down ladders and steps is required.
  • Physically demanding position. Requires continuous standing, walking and lifting.  Requires lifting materials up to 75 pounds on a regular basis and frequent twisting, bending and turning.