2014 Build WI Award | General Heating and Air Conditioning

2014 Build Wisconsin Award Winner

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Farm Campus added 1,000 offices and includes three farm-themed buildings showcasing traditional Wisconsin architecture featuring barns, stables, and machines sheds. Great job to all of those involved and thanks for your hard work on this project.

The mechanical systems installed at the Epic Farm Campus are some of the most sustainable, energy efficient systems available. The three additional office buildings are all part of one of the largest geothermal distribution systems in the country. Large, underground HDPE pipes deliver geothermal water to the first building in the campus, the Barn. In the Barn’s mechanical room, dedicated heat recovery chillers are used to make hot water to satisfy all of the heating water requirements for the entire campus. The byproduct of making heated water with heat recovery chillers is chilled water. This is then used to provide chilled water for dehumidification and cooling throughout the campus. In the peak summer months, an ultra-efficient water cooled chiller is used to supplement the cooling demand. Hot and chilled water is distributed throughout the campus with three variable speed pumps per system.

On the air side, large variable air volume custom air handling units are used to distribute air to the buildings. The Haakon air handling units include plenum supply fans on VFD’s, cooling coils, heating coils, atomizing humidification grids, and premium air filters. Total energy recovery wheels are used in the air handling units to recover energy from the return and exhaust air.
At the terminal level, each office is provided with a VAV box and reheat coil. Exterior offices are provided with finned tube radiation and operable windows. Temperature controls have window sensor interlocks to disable mechanical heating and cooling in the office when windows are open.

The Farm Campus has installed one of the most energy efficient and comfortable heating and air conditioning systems. With simultaneous heating and cooling, generated by heat recovery chillers, the campus is able to exchange energy from one building to another. Epic has gone above and beyond what is generally required by industry standards for occupant comfort. Given the size of Epic’s Verona campus, it is very important to be extremely conscious of the environmental impact of their mechanical systems as a whole. The investment they have made will not only pay off financially, but it also helps to hire and keep the best and brightest employees. Being in a comfortable and stimulating environment helps to maintain employee satisfaction while increasing productivity.