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Record Breaking Crowd for Concerts on the Square

Summer is beautiful in Wisconsin. There are so many opportunities and events to get outside and enjoy the short lived season. Fortunately for us, the city of Madison comes to life in the summer. A big highlighted event for the city is Concerts on the Square present by the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. This event is held every Wednesday, on the square, for 6 weeks. The first concert is the last Wednesday in June and the last concert is the first Wednesday in August. Read on to see how the BUSIEST concert of the season went! 

With record breaking crowds of 55,000 in attendance, to say the square was packed was an understatement. The environment was magical and kinda hectic, but we’ll forgot about that part. It was really special.

It felt like we were transported back in time to a Journey concert. How great was Jeans’ and Classics? The General Heating and Air Conditioning and Hooper Corporation Crowd were able the gather in a spot close to the stage to really feel the pulse of the of evening. Employee’s were dancing, playing cards and hanging out with friends and family. That is what summer is all about!

Thanks to those employees that beat the crowd and attended this awesome event!