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Air Conditioning Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

It’s easy to get spring fever this time of year and get antsy for long, warm, summer days. A good idea is to do some air conditioning maintenance now so when those hot summer days come, you are ready to go! Here are some maintenance to-dos you can take care of yourself.

Carrier Infinity Air ConditionerAir conditioners can easily build up dust over time which makes it harder for your unit to run. First, take a look at your air conditioner, if some of the coils look like they are blocked with gunk, it is most likely not running as efficiently as it could. The best way to remedy this is to clean your unit.

Stop by your local HVAC supply shop and buy some cleaning solution (one jug of it will be enough for quite a few cleanings).

Go home, cut the power to your AC unit using the breaker box, then wet down the coils on your unit with a garden hose. Using gloves and safety glasses, spray on some of the cleaning solution, let it sit for a while, then spray the coils down again with a garden hose to wash away both the grime and the cleaning solution.

Wait a bit longer, then flip the power back on. It’ll look like new and run more efficiently, too.

What other steps can you take? Make sure you change the filter in your blower on a regular basis. Go down to your basement (or wherever your blower is located) and check the filter in your blower unit. If you’re not sure when you last changed it, it’s probably time to change it. Mark down the size of your filter, then head to your local hardware store and pick up a replacement filter.

Swapping the filter is easy, but the important step is to note the lifetime of your new filter and mark on your calendar when you need to change the filter.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can clean the blower as well. The blower is a giant fan usually found next to the filter. Turn off the breaker and remove the cover on the blower unit. Most of the time, these just unplug like a normal fan. Unplug it, then use a brush to clean off the blades and a vacuum cleaner to clean the area around the blower unit. Plug it back in, put it back in place, put the cover back on, and flip the breaker again. You’ll have more efficient air flow, which means a lower energy bill.

There are other regular maintenance steps well worth taking for your furnace and air conditioner, but they usually require additional equipment (like a high-powered vacuum) and can cause damage if done incorrectly, so you’re better off having an expert handle them.

Our service techs are here to assist you should you run into any problems or concerns during your routine maintenance checks. Give us a call at (608) 271-3900.