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Airplane Hangar in Marquette Provides Home to Prefab

Prefabrication continues to be incredibly important to many of the jobs General Heating takes on. This is particularly true for the replacement hospital in Marquette, Michigan.

IMG_2456As crews continue to work on the complete HVAC system and Hooper crews work on the plumbing, off-site fabrication is necessary. Prefabrication helps our crews ensure quality, enhance safety, and meet a challenging schedule. Because fabrication for this job occurs in Marquette, it also cuts down on shipping costs.

In order to prefabricate multi-trade racks, patient room headwalls, bathroom pods, and ductwork assembly, our crews needed a large, open space to set up shop. An airplane hangar at the decommissioned K.I. Sawyer Air Force base in Marquette provided the perfect space. Presently, Sawyer International Airport occupies a portion of this former base and has scheduled airline flights and general aviation activity. The other part of the base includes leasable hangars. The schedule is set to be complete in October 2018.