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American Heart Month

American Heart Association logoFebruary is American Heart Month, and the purpose is to spread awareness and educate about heart disease and how to prevent it. The first step to a healthier, safer life is educating yourself and attempting prevention against a condition that causes some of the highest fatality rates in the nation.

There are many measures you can take to help avoid raising the likelihood of getting heart disease. You need to make healthy choices and manage any current health conditions. If you do this, you can work to combat heart disease.

What can you do?
  • Try to lower your sodium intake
  • Quit smoking, or if you don’t smoke, keep it that way
  • Monitor your blood pressure and be aware of what level it should be at
  • Spread the word to others, so they too can be educated on this disease
  • Stay active
  • Pay attention to your cholesterol levels
Even small measures can go a long way in your fight against heart disease.
  • For example, try using spices on your food instead of salt.
  • Switch out added sugars or calories for natural sugars and sweets, such as fruit.
  • Try trail mix instead of candy; it’s a lot healthier and typically still appeals to the same part of the brain that wants the sweets.

Safety isn’t just at work or on a job site. Safety means keeping your body healthy and being aware of how you can best stay healthy. So, start your journey towards a safer, healthier you! For more resources, visit the American Heart Society’s website.