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April Home Improvement

hammerWe are well into spring, and while your initial spring cleaning may be done, there still are some tasks left to do. Consider the following April home improvement tasks.

Wash the Windows

Wash the outdoors of the windows by cleaning the windows, screens, and the storm windows.

Repair Outdoor Furniture

See what parts need to be repaired. Some may need to be restained if it is wood, or some parts may be falling off after the rough winter.

Service the Air Conditioner

Make sure your air conditioner is in tip-top shape and ready for the summer temperatures. Schedule a clean and check for your air conditioner now before summer hits.

April Showers… Bring May Flowers

Start a rain barrel! Rain water is great for plants, so use the April showers to help out your May flowers. It’ll keep refilling itself, so there is little work on your part after the initial set up.

Reseal the Driveway

Spray down your driveway, scrub it, and reseal it.

Repair the Fence

The long winter may have damaged parts of the fence, so you may need to repaint areas or repair a part.