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CAD Helps In Many Facets of Commercial Projects

The CAD department had a busy 2016 and this year will be no different. Some significant BIM/CAD projects for 2016 included Baldwin Hospital, Epic Campus 4 and 5, Stevens Point Chemistry Building, ATC, and the Marquette Replacement Hospital which started later in the year.

MarquetteBIM1CAD Standardization was a focus for 2016. Some significant areas included the standardizing of CAD deliverables for both the shop and field, moving both design-build projects and Epic over to Autodesk Revit from AutoCAD and completely rebuilding our fabrication database. The rebuilding of the fabrication database is a major milestone. This change allowed for easier management, more accurate information extraction, and most importantly it allows for future implementation of a new estimating system in 2017 called Autodesk Fabrication ESTmep. The implementation of ESTmep allows information exchanges between estimation and CAD to be seamless. This is accomplished by both pieces of software sharing the same database of objects and their corresponding pricing.

Prefabrication made leaps and bounds last year and 2017 is starting off with a bang. Marquette Replacement Hospital has had some unique challenges, but has provided a great opportunity for GHAC to further prefabrication. Currently the pipe fab shop is building the largest most complex skid to date.

The skids footprint is 11’-5”x 8’ and made up of 4 inline pumps, condensate pump, heat exchanger, chemical feeders, and expansion tank. Racks are also a critical aspect of Marquette. The largest rack is 20’ long x 8’-10” wide and weighs in at approximately 3600lbs. This is a multi-service rack which includes walls going from ceiling to deck.