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New corporate campus for Hooper/GHAC

On October 19, 2020, a quiet, quarantine-style groundbreaking was held on the site of Hooper/General Heating and Air Conditioning’s new corporate campus. Safety restrictions due to COVID-19 prevented any high-profile celebrations, however, enthusiasm for the project was widespread, and continues to be as construction evolves.

The overall project includes a 68,860 sf office building with 43,730 sf of underground parking, plus a 207,226 sf fabrication facility located on 50 acres in DeForest, Wisconsin. Rolling topography and dense woodland areas create a warm and welcoming aesthetic to the campus. Both buildings are designed to highlight the expertise and professional capabilities of Hooper/GHAC, with features such as a 60-well geothermal bore field, water-cooled modular chiller, in-floor radiant heat, an in-ground snow melt system, and much more.

In each building, corporate legacy, values, and commitment to safety will be on display in both details and larger installations. Upon completion in late Fall 2021, the entire campus will be a showcase of Hooper/GHAC’s capabilities and craft.

New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration. Everyone is excited for the new year to come, and an easy way to ensure you have the most fun is to be aware of safety practices you should follow on this festive night.

The spookiest day of the year is almost here! And with that comes taking the kids trick or treating, which is why we’re featuring some Halloween safety tips today.

Boilers are pretty sturdy equipment when it comes to your home. They typically have a much longer lifespan than some other appliances given that they contain few moving parts. However, the one thing that does tend to happen with boilers is just what this post is discussing: water leaks.

Thanksgiving is a day that most people get excited about – family, good food, and generally an excuse to be a bit lazy after the big meal. However, the preparation for a Thanksgiving meal can be dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken.

*clunk* *bang* Your pipes are making noise, and you find out the boiler is the culprit. These noises are called “kettling noises.” They are caused when limescale or calcite accumulates on the heat exchanger part of your boiler.

General Heating and Air Conditioning is attending the Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association conference in Green Bay, WI, on Wednesday, Sept. 21

We just completed our last month of summer, meaning that it’s not too soon to do some work to get your home ready for winter. These tasks are much easier and enjoyable before the cold weather hits in, so it’s beneficial to do these now.

New York Magazine featured an article recently titled, “Why The Air Conditioning Wars Will Never End,” discussing how one temperature, in an office building or home, feels different to individuals. It may feel warm to some while others are freezing in their offices contemplating bringing a snuggie to work.

MCAAflippedHooper Corporation, General Heating & Air Conditioning’s parent company, won the MCAA award earlier this year. The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) honors five companies with a Safety Excellence Award.