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Our focus on service has created a solid reputation for excellence within our region. At General Heating and Air Conditioning, we are eager to assume the leadership role in building commissioning. We have a full-time Commissioning Manager and a professional team of service technicians and engineers. They work with our clients and customers to develop a sustainable and cost-effective framework for us to verify and document that equipment and systems are functioning per their intended design. As a quality management process, commissioning goes beyond traditional testing, adjusting, and balancing.

The benefits of General’s commissioning services include:
  • Focus and emphasis – this is a core function at General Heating
  • Faster project completion
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved performance
  • Capacity enhancements
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Superior operation and maintenance documentation, and owner training
  • One-stop, one-call accountability; you know who is working with you at all times

Before we start a new service relationship, we provide three copies of operation and maintenance manuals for all equipment on your project. Our service professionals will thoroughly explain the workings of the entire system to your maintenance staff. These training sessions will take you through the various components and their maintenance requirements. All sessions are recorded and you will receive DVD’s for future reference. Once hired, we always stand ready, willing, and able to help the building staff with any issues, problems, or opportunities that may arise


General believes that commissioning is more than just a close-out process. There are many phases (construction, start-up, and acceptance) that are required throughout the course of a project

Construction Phase
Commissioning begins during the construction phase while the HVAC equipment is being installed. Materials and equipment need to be installed per the plans and specifications to ensure the design intent is being maintained. We develop a submittal schedule incorporating all HVAC suppliers, delivery dates of equipment, and distribution of submittals to foremen, project managers, and other contractors. General is on the ground with you from day one and we don’t stop working until everything is up and running properly.

Start-up Phase
Upon successful installation of all HVAC equipment, we are ready for the start-up phase of the commissioning process. During this phase, we utilize check lists to record workability and functionality of the equipment. This also helps to ensure that all trades have completed their work associated with specific equipment and have created a record for warranty purposes. Our master equipment list will also document equipment properties, start-up dates, warranty terms, and other relevant information. We work closely with our customers to ensure a successful start to what naturally become long-term relationships.

Acceptance Phase
During the acceptance phase of the commissioning process, we will perform verifications, system performance tests, and training and owner acceptance. Operation and maintenance manuals will be provided to building staff as bound hard copies and electronic files. We will perform functional testing of all HVAC control systems and provide air and water test and balance reports. When we are satisfied that the installation meets the design intent, we will perform a series of owner training sessions highlighting system operation and maintenance requirements. We will record these sessions and provide you with DVD copies of the sessions for future reference.

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