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designAssist_1DESIGN ASSIST

A great number of the projects that GHAC has worked on have either been design assist or design/build in nature.

We call upon these years of experience when designing and installing quality, cost-saving solutions for our clients. Not resting on our laurels, General also stays ahead of the curve with new design technologies that allow us to have the best prepared project delivery teams. We are viewed as excellent and reliable partners by those we work with in the early stages of all major projects.

On recent projects, General has frequently taken the lead or contributed from the beginning on projects incorporating Building Information Modeling (BIM). Using BIM as a design and construction tool, General has increased customer value by eliminating waste, reducing changes during the construction phase, and creating more useful building documents upon turnover. By utilizing BIM, General has demonstrated our ability to be a leader on a project delivery team with our skilled design professionals and installers.

designAssist_2Successful design-assist projects require everyone on the project team to take an active role in all phases of the construction process. From the earliest stages of a project, we incorporate everyone, from design engineers to our field supervisors, to ensure that all bases are covered. Our inclusive methods of operation facilitate and ensure the establishment of long term relationships built on solid information, communication, and unmistakable follow through on all details.

Our engineers utilize their many years of experience to create construction documents that are both thorough and effective. Our highly trained CAD department takes on the task of coordinating our construction documents with those of other trades.

Once documents have passed the many stages of clash detection and resolution, we seek the input of the foremen working on the project to develop well researched and accurate schedules. We have an honest and straightforward approach to scheduling. We see this as crucial from the very beginning, since no one benefits when promised schedules cannot be met.

While constructing coordination drawings and developing schedules, we are in constant communication with all members of the project delivery team. We have frequently hosted FTP sites for projects we are a part of in order to ensure that all members of the team have the most current and up-to-date information.

By performing a contract as a design assist contractor, we feel that we are in a position to execute a well-run, high-performing job. By reducing waste and eliminating unnecessary changes, the project at hand can be successful for all parties involved.

At General, we work in partnership with our clients to deliver all projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We take our work seriously and strive to exceed all established requirements and expectations.

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