Warehouse & Shipping Supervisor | General Heating and Air Conditioning

Job Title: Warehouse & shipping Supervisor

Division: Contract

Areas Supervised: Warehouse, shipping & receiving

Reports to: Director of Operations

General Summary:
Responsible for coordinating all shipping and receiving as it relates to tools, equipment, warehouse materials and shop fabricated materials. Responsible for the up-keep of delivery vehicles, tie-down equipment and material storage areas.

Principal Accountabilities:
• Develops daily truck delivery schedule based on input from Manager of Materials and Shop Foreman. Pre-loads and organizes shipments for drivers.

• Unpacks/unloads and checks in all truck and UPS shipments.

• Operates forklift as needed.

• Responsible for pre-trip inspection to assure all delivery vehicles are safe to drive and roadworthy. Ensures they have appropriate type and quantity of tie-down equipment to properly secure shipment.

• Responsible for a well-organized warehouse and yard facility. Makes sure all material stored outdoors is appropriately protected from the elements.

• Assists with pulling material from inventory to fill contract material requests, stocking of incoming material, inspection/ tracking of all major tools/equipment.

• Fills in for the Delivery Driver and the Manager of Materials as necessary.

• Performs additional duties as assigned by supervisor.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
• Minimum of three years of experience organizing and coordinating shipping operations.

• Strong mechanical aptitude with basic math skills with a high school diploma or GED. Degree in logistics preferred but not required.

• Good verbal communication skills.

• Basic personal computer skills.

Scope Data (budget accountability, operating revenues, organizational unit responsibility, number of employees supervised, other pertinent numeric data):
• Works and interacts in team environment with approximately 10 – 15 personnel.

• Responsible for handling of inventory and equipment.

Description of physical working environment:

• Delivers and unloads on field construction sites in all kinds of weather.

• Ability to climb up and down ladders and steps is required.

• Job requires continuous standing and walking in the warehouse. Requires lifting materials up to 75 lbs on a regular basis and frequent twisting, bending and turning.

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