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Energy Saving Tips

Energy plugMany families are looking for ways to cut spending, and saving on energy is a great place to start, while also making a positive impact on the environment. The following tips are easy ways for you to begin cutting spending and making your positive impact.

  • When you are not home or are sleeping, turn your thermostat up or down depending on the season. In the summer, turn it up to 78-82 and in the winter, turn it down to 60 (or so) during these times to make an impact. This is most easily achieved with a programmable thermostat. It is important that you do not, however, turn off your appliances, since that will not have the same impact.
  • The same rule as above applies when you are on vacation, when your home is empty.
  • The sun can help heat your house, so leave blinds open during the day to maximize the benefits of the sun.
  • Keep your heating or cooling system working most efficiently by changing the filters in the system as needed. When the filters are dirty, the units have to work harder to achieve the desired result.

Cutting energy usage can be as easy as these few items above. Just like the ones above, many of these changes don’t take much work on your part, but they do bring great benefits to you and your home.

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