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GHAC Sponsors Loop the Lake

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On Saturday, July 25th, the annual Clean Lakes Festival took place at Law Park. The Clean Lakes Festival featured Loop the Lake, the Shoreline Swim, free boat rentals, food, and more. General Heating and Air Conditioning is a proud sponsor of Loop the Lake.

Loop the Lake is a 12 mile bike ride around Lake Monona. The route highlights the lakes and bike paths along the shore in the area. The annual festival seeks to raise funds to continue the improvement efforts on the part of the Clean Lakes Alliance and spread awareness to the Madison community. Loop the Lake proceeds are used to support the Clean Lakes Alliance’s ongoing efforts to protect and improve the lakes in the area. The Clean Lake Alliance continues to hold events throughout the year, including a winter festival, to spread knowledge and raise awareness.

Visit http://www.cleanlakesfestival.com/ for more details.