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Guide to Getting an Air Conditioning Quote

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Getting a new air conditioner is a big investment – one you want to make sure you get right. Before you invest, make sure you are going to be happy with the outcome, which starts with both the unit you choose and the installation process.

When you are ready, use these tips when you get an air conditioning quote.

1. Make sure the person installing your air conditioner is qualified and experienced.

2. Find a unit that is right for you and your home. You want to consider the size based on your home.

3. Have the HVAC technician lay out the plan for you ahead of time – find out the total cost and what the breakdown is. Have him/her inform you about any warranties that accompany your product and what possible payment plans look like.

4. Consider the efficiency of the different air conditioner units. More efficient air conditioners typically will cost more upfront, but you typically end up saving more in the long run on your energy bills.

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