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Halloween Safety

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The spookiest day of the year is almost here! And with that comes taking the kids trick or treating, which is why we’re featuring some Halloween safety tips today. The goal for a day like this is having fun, but also staying safe.

  • Make sure your children do not go alone; you should go with them or have them go with friends. There is safety in numbers
  • Try to plan a safe route for trick or treating
  • Remind your children to stay on the sidewalk, or if one is not available, the side of the road facing traffic. Stay in well-populated areas. It is never a good idea to cut through back alleys or venture into poorly-lit, less-populated areas
  • Remind your children to always look left, right, left before crossing the road
  • Instruct your kids to not eat any candy until returning home where it can be inspected by you
  • Having your children carry a flashlight or glow stick, or having reflective tape on their costume or candy bag will help ensure they are more visible to drivers
  • If you yourself will be driving at all during trick or treating hours, be extra cautious and alert for kids in the road

Remember, the goal at the end of the day is to have fun. After all, it is only one day a year where kids get to have the joy of trick or treating.

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