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Holiday Home Safety While Traveling

The holidays are a time that is filled with joy and cheer, but if you don’t take proper precautions, it can also be a time that isn’t the safest and invites burglars into your house.

Christmas tree clip artMany people travel during the holidays, which is where many safety measures to protect your home can come into play. The classic film, Home Alone, tells it all: being gone is great incentive for burglars to let themselves into your home. To help avoid that, try following these tips:

  • Do not post your travel plans on social media; the days you are leaving and coming home in particular are information to avoid posting. Even if you have your profile set to private, this information might be able to be accessed. Posting your travel plans and dates serves as an invitation to someone who wants to break into your home.
  • If you are leaving town, notify a neighbor. Even though you may not be home, someone else in the area likely is, and that person can keep an eye on your house while you are out of town. This person can also pick up your mail and keep your house looking generally occupied.
  • When you are gone, you want to keep valuables out of sight. These are like golden tickets for a potential burglar. Electronics scream expensive, so these are good items to tuck out of sight. Additionally, presents, regardless of their value, look like items of value to someone looking in the window. You want to keep presents away from windows or any place with an easy view, since someone could easily break a window or gain entry through these areas with a view.
  • Holiday decorations can be dangerous while you are gone. The US. Fire Administration reports that the largest amount of deadly electrical fires happen in December. Before you leave for vacation, you want to turn off your holiday lights inside. Use a timer for outdoor lights for them to automatically turn on and off while you are gone if you want your lights to be on display when you travel.

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