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How to Protect Your HVAC When a Storm is Approaching

We have had our share of harsh weather this summer. You may have wondered how to keep your HVAC safe during storms that involve strong winds and damaging hail. Here are a few tips to follow the next time a  storm blows through our area.

Cover your HVAC

Two of the biggest enemies for HVAC units are hail and debris. If a hail storm or windstorm is forecasted to occur, place a thick canvas cover on your HVAC system. They will provide protection during the storm and allow you to rest knowing that the unit is safe.

If hail is imminent, also consider using hail guards on the most delicate areas of the unit.

If you do use a cover for your heating or air conditioning, do not use the unit until the storm has passed and you have removed the cover.

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Avoid using your HVAC during a storm

Power surges caused by electricity might cause damage to electronics, such as your HVAC unit. Consider unplugging your unit; prevent any excess currents from going into your home in case your unit gets hit by electricity.

Likewise, do not plug in your system until power is restored. A surge could cause considerable damage if a random surge occurs.

Install your HVAC in an elevated area

With storms comes the danger of flooding, and placing your unit in an elevated area reduces the likelihood of it being water damaged. Find out more about the flood lines in your city to be aware of the floodwater heights in your area.

Consult with a qualified Tex-perts HVAC technician for more information in what equipment to use to raise your HVAC unit above the flood line.

Keep your yard spotless

Debris and branches could be blown into your HVAC unit and cause damage. Ensure any trees or bushes are trimmed and that dead branches are removed.

Trimming prevents them from becoming loose through a storm and causing unnecessary damage.

Furniture in the yard could also pose a problem to both your HVAC and house. Consider moving all objects that could be blown by the wind into your home to avoid any problems.

Inspect your unit before turning it on

With the storm gone, you might be tempted to turn on your unit right away.


Take a few minutes to inspect your unit and ensure that no damage occurred to it.

Also, inspect the surrounding area for any debris that could have fallen nearby. Water, leaves, and more could have landed on your system and should be removed before turning your HVAC system on.

Power lines could also be nearby your unit. Do not approach the HVAC unit until they are cleared.

Blown away by the storm?

Was your AC unit damaged during recent hailstorms? Don’t worry!

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