Increase Air Quality | General Heating and Air Conditioning

Increase Air Quality in Your House

open windowsIncreasing air quality can help you live a healthier life, meaning you are living a safer life. Follow these tips to help increase air quality in your home.


You want to make sure you vacuum and mop on a regular basis. This will help you reduce toxins, allergens, and chemicals that have been tracked into your home.

Don’t Smoke Indoors

Smoke outdoors only to help increase air quality inside your home.

Freshen with Natural Odors

Let fresh air indoors and use natural odors/scents to help “freshen” the air, as opposed to air fresheners and other chemicals.

Ventilate the Air

Ventilate the air when using any chemicals. Additionally, consider using products that are eco-friendly over harsh chemicals, as these are better for the earth and you.

Use doors and windows to help ventilate the air any day to help remove any allergens or chemicals indoors.

Watch Humidity Levels

If your house is too humid, this can be dangerous. Ways to avoid this include using an exhaust fan and not overwatering any plants indoors.

Keep It Clean

Keep bedding clean and wash it regularly to reduce allergens.