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MG&E Shares Low-Cost Energy Saving Tips!

It’s mid-January and we could all use a little reminder on how to save energy in the winter. Madison Gas & Electric put together a helpful list.

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  • Lower the thermostat at night and when you’re away, if health permits (55°F lowest setting). Save 1% for every 1°F temperature decrease for an eight-hour setback. Check the owner’s manual if turning down the temperature for more than 24 hours.
    Thermostat Setback [521 kB PDF]
  • Check furnace filter monthly and replace as needed to maintain furnace efficiency.
  • Seal around sewer vent pipe in basement and attic to keep in heated air.
  • Close fireplace damper after fire is out to stop drafts and save money.
  • Let the sun in during the day to reduce heating costs.
  • Close drapes and shades at night to save money and improve comfort.


  • Dry clothes on a clothes line instead of in a dryer.
  • Clean the clothes dryer lint trap after each load. Dry faster and save money.
  • Wash clothes in cold water. Save 10 to 20 cents per load.


  • Replace most frequently used incandescent bulbs and fixtures with ENERGY STAR® certified bulbs. Save two-thirds of lighting costs.
  • Use photo-eye and timer fixtures or timers on outdoor lights. Save energy.
  • Turn lights off when not in use—100 watts for 10 hours costs 13 cents.

Water heating

  • Set water heater at 120°F to 125°F. Save money and prevent scalding.
  • Install WaterSense® labeled showerheads. Save on water and heating costs.


  • Unplug second refrigerator or freezer if not needed. Save $5 to $15 per month.

Source: MG&E