New Year's Eve Safety Tips for the Home | General Heating and Air Conditioning

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips for the Home

New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration. Everyone is excited for the new year to come, and an easy way to ensure you have the most fun is to be aware of safety practices you should follow on this festive night.

  • Parents and ChildrenBreak-ins on New Year’s Eve happen in incredibly high numbers. Criminals know that New Year’s Eve is a great night to rob houses, since even people who don’t typically go out tend to go out and celebrate in some way.
  • Some criminals will do a “check” on the house first. They’ll knock on the door to see if someone is home, and some will claim to be from a certain company. To verify if they really are from the company, say you’re going to call the company to see if they do indeed have an employee out in your area.
  • Be sure to securely lock your doors when you leave to go out for the night., including locking your deadbolt if you have one.
  • Close the blinds so criminals can’t “window shop” and see all your possessions. Locking your windows is also a good idea when they are not open.
  • If you are concerned about burglary, you can set timers on your lights and electrical appliances to make it appear like someone is at home.

Together, all of these tips can help protect your home while you are out celebrating the new year. Have a great New Year’s Eve, and hope 2016 starts out even better!