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Oakwood Village Upgrades and Expands to Provide Best-in-Class Senior Living

Oakwood Village on Tancho Drive in Madison has been in the area for over 70 years and is ready to expand its wings once again. It’s dedicated to providing Madison the best-in-class senior living.

This allows their residents to transition through different points of their lives in comfort. General Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to be chosen to work alongside general contractor, JP Cullen & Sons, Inc. for this Oakwood Expansion which started in March of this year and is planned to wrap up in March 2019.

The Oakwood Village-Prairie Ridge project consists of three separate parts. These are:

  • Independent Living Facility – Located on the existing campus consisting of underground parking, 170,000 square feet, 3-five story residence towers and Plaza construction.
  • Assisted Living Addition – 3 story 36,000 square foot addition.
  • Community Center Remodel – Addition and remodel to the existing facility that includes upgrades to the existing chapel, salon, dining, fitness, and office spaces.

The Independent Living job consists of a new chiller plant with 2-150 ton water cooled heat recovery chillers, a boiler plant with 3-1750 mbh boilers, new pumps and accessories, and a dedicated outside air system. Each room will have 2 vertical fan coil units and its own exhaust air fans. This building will contain a parking garage that’s supplied with a 25,000 cfm make up air system. Height constraints will become a challenge as all the piping mains go through the entire ramp.

The Community Center is receiving a new chiller plant with 2-120 ton air cooled chillers. Our crews will also install 2 new rooftop units with DX cooling that will handle the chapel. Fan coil units will be handling each of the other remodeled spaces. It is possible that as existing spaces are opened, we will find that existing layouts aren’t as they seem.

The Assisted Living addition will get a new boiler plant with 2-500 mbh boilers with pumps and accessories along with fan coils in each individual living area. These facilities will have a Trane Controls system and our BIM department will provide full coordination of services.