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Problem Solved: Overcoming Challenges Working in Occupied Facilities

Our project managers oversee projects related to the commercial side of the business here at General Heating and Air Conditioning. In our new “Problem Solved” series, several of our project managers will share a challenge they encountered on the job and how they were able to provide their client with a solution. Today, John Martinez shares his story.

“As most working in the construction industry know, there are many challenges that come along with working in occupied facilities. In an ideal world, we would be able to work freely and have access to all areas we need, but this is rarely the case. In order to succeed, we need to not only plan our own work thoroughly, but take into account the customer’s needs as well.

UW Rehab Hospital

For example, take a pharmaceutical lab that we are currently working on. Not only do we need to complete our work on schedule, but there are many other issues that must be taken into consideration. Most of the lab spaces are still occupied, and in order to work in or above them, we must work closely with the owner to schedule our work, and take extra precautions to make sure the work is extra clean and leaves no trace of our presence.

In other areas, we must actually scrub in and wear the booties and gowns that the workers do in order to even have access to the space. This creates many scheduling conflicts. The main remedy to this is to make sure we have all the information that we need before we step foot on site. Who will be there? Which areas do we have access to? What equipment and material will we need on site in order to get our work done in the window of time we have? We have to remember that the owners and employees of these buildings want us to succeed as much as we do, and by working closely with them we can still have successful projects. Research and prep beforehand goes a long way in making sure that we not only make our customers happy, but keep our projects on track as well.”