Project Update: DeForest Schools | General Heating and Air Conditioning

Project Update: DeForest Schools

In 2016, we worked on providing upgrades and additions to several schools in the DeForest school district.

20161219_085820_resizedGeneral Details

  • The Deforest Area School District received a major upgrade with additions to Deforest High School, Eagle Point Elementary, and Windsor Elementary. Deforest is a quickly growing suburb, and classrooms were becoming overcrowded, especially at the elementary and middle school level. The additions provided increased space to students and much needed upgrades to most student areas.
  • The upgrades began in May of 2015 and are scheduled to be completed in August 2017. JH Findorff and Son Inc. was the general contractor on all the upgrades.

Uniqueness to the Project

  • This was a district wide project, with all three schools being worked on simultaneously. There were separate crews and foremen for each job site in order to keep up with the schedule. The crews had to work during occupied times which meant coordinating deliveries around student arrival and making sure the site had access for construction personnel but was still secured off to keep students out.
  • Due to the pace of the schedule, pre-fabbing ductwork and piping was not only helpful, but necessary. In order to get all ductwork, hot water piping, refrigeration piping, and gas piping done on time, a large amount of work needed to come out of the fabrication shops in a timely manner.
  • Our ability to make oval duct in our shop became very important during coordination, as it allowed us to adjust our ductwork sizing and maintain space for other trades as well. Through coordination with other trades, we were able to maintain ceiling heights and design that the owner wanted, without sacrificing performance of our HVAC system.

Project Specs

  • Deforest High School STEM Addition
    • 27,500 square foot addition to the existing high school.
    • In addition to new classroom space, the STEM area added a new welding lab, auto lab, woods lab, animal lab, and science lab. The woods lab required a 4,000 cfm dust collector, and the welding, auto, and woods labs required standalone makeup air units to complement the exhaust system.
    • Three new rooftop units and three new makeup air units all with gas reheat run across the roof were added to serve the addition. Eight exhaust fans served each specialized area to make sure each space could be used at the same time if necessary.
  • Eagle Point Elementary
    • 81,000 square foot addition to the school.
    • Over 30 new classrooms were built, including art, music, and science rooms. New staff offices for administration and guidance, full service kitchen and cafeteria, as well as a new full size gymnasium were also built. Eight air handling units were added in three new mechanical penthouses, as well as three new boilers to serve the new hot water heating system. Twenty roof exhaust fans were added to serve classrooms, bathrooms, offices, and specialty fans to handle the grease duct from the kitchen.
  • Windsor Elementary
    • 102,500 square foot addition to the school.
    • There were over 40 new classrooms, as well as a new library, gym, and cafeteria built.
    • Ten air handling units were located in mechanical penthouses, and two new boilers were installed to serve the new hot water heating system. Twenty exhaust fans were installed to serve everything from kitchen grease and dishwasher exhaust as well as classrooms, bathrooms and art kilns.