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Project Update: Harvest Haven

The Harvest Haven project located across the street from the Sub-Zero plant will be completed in the Fall of this year. This building is unique for several reasons but one that is most notable is the structure itself — a 100 year old barn.

The Harvest Haven project was initiated by SubZero to have a space to provide ongoing product education to their customers and distributors. This building will essentially be a training center that will include a primary kitchen, demo kitchens, full bar, conference room, root cellar, as well spacious gardens on the surrounding land. The building is a remodel of a 100 year old barn and General Heating and Air Conditioning is completing the full HVAC design and install. The owner did not wish to see the registers, duct work, or other mechanical equipment in order to maintain the feel of an old barn. This presented a unique challenge that GHAC overcame with interesting design solutions including wood vents.