Meriter Boiler Replacement | General Heating and Air Conditioning

Project Update: Meriter Boiler Replacement

032Project Specs:

  • Meriter is located on 202 S. Park Street. The boiler replacement project began in Feb. 2016 and is expected to be complete on Dec. 2016.
  • This project was initiated because Meriter’s boilers were older and did not run well. Due to age and turndown capabilities, the owner chose to install boilers with more flexibility.
  • This project is significant because this is the first time GHAC has installed a Miura boiler. Miura boilers reduce maintenance and space requirements.
  • Meriter is working with the city of Madison on a salt reduction program that will supplement the cost of the new RO skid.

GHAC Role:

  • GHAC crews replaced 3 old boilers with 5 new quick response boilers. The design also includes capacity and connections for a future sixth boiler. GHAC was the general contractor on the job and was also responsible for the DA tank replacement, new feed water pump skid, and new blowdown separator.


  • Meriter is an active hospital and all work on the boilers had to be staged and scheduled.
  • The boilers themselves wouldn’t fit through available access as an assembled package. They were shipped in separate parts and assembled at the hospital.
  • The boilers are located in an extremely tight space. Because of this, sequencing contractors became another variable requiring control.