Project Update: Waukesha Central Utility Plant | General Heating and Air Conditioning

Project Update: Waukesha Central Utility Plant

Project Specs:


  • The project began in February 2016 and will be completed in June 2017.
  • The project consisted of new construction at an existing hospital of a 19,200 square foot central utility plant. This included a 4,000 ton chiller plant along with cooling towers and emergency generators.
  • The biggest project challenge was maintaining the hospital’s chilled water system while construction was going on. In order to maintain three different wings, GHAC had to run temporary chilled water lines in the basement corridors from one wing to another. It consisted of 500 feet of schedule 80 PVC piping.

GHAC Role:

  • The central utility plant was a total BIM (building information modeling) job where the design is complete before construction begins.
    First line of business was removing 10” chilled water lines that are buried in concrete in the basement of the hospital and replaced with 16” HDPE chilled water lines to handle the added tonnage to the new system.
  • GHAC major equipment included 4 – 1,000 ton magnetic bearing Daikin chillers, 4 – 1,000 ton Evapco cooling towers, base-mounted pumps, vertical turbine pumps, air/dirt separators, transitioning sound attenuators for generators, generator exhaust fans, air handling units and control dampers. There is also wet heat and VAVs within the space. Once all the equipment was set up, the demo on the existing chilled water plant within the hospital could begin.
  • Crews had 4,200 square feet of existing hospital space to work in during regular hours. The hospital had the intention to sell the existing chillers inside the building. So, crews had to break them down in order to get them out of the hospital without damage.