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Projects for the Long Weekend

Memorial Day provides a long weekend, which can be an opportunity to tackle extra projects you’ve been wanting to get done. Pick one or pick several; here are some recommendations of projects for the upcoming long weekend.

Plant a Garden

Spring is almost over, and summer is nearly upon us. The weather is finally right for a garden, so why not take the time over the long weekend to plant one? You’ll love the flowers and delicious veggies it’ll provide for you over the summer.

Clean Out the Gutters

While this may not be the most fun of tasks, it’s something that should be done at least two times a year. You want to remove all the leaves and other debris in the gutter.

Prepare to Barbecue

Clean the grill and patio so you are ready to grill this summer and entertain on the patio or deck. This long weekend is the perfect time to do so.

Paint the Walls

Have a room or area of the house you’ve been wanting to paint for awhile? Now is your chance! Take the long weekend to paint that area of the house, making it appear fresh and new.

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