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Spring Cleaning Safety

spring word art with flowersSpring is here, and everyone is excited. Spring cleaning is something mostly everyone completes some portion of, but without proper safety, spring cleaning may not end well.

Here are our spring cleaning safety tips to help you stay safest as you prepare your house for spring.

1. Do not rush

Rushing because you are tired or want to hurry to be done can be beyond dangerous. Take a break if you are tired.

2. Be prepared

Have a game plan before you start. This allows you to ensure you have the right supplies and tools to complete your spring cleaning.

3. Clear work space of clutter

Keeping your work space clear of clutter includes all floors and stairs. This limits the danger of tripping.

4. Use ladder safety

Make sure any ladder you are using is sturdy and secure before you step onto it. Ladder injuries can be serious, and the best way to avoid this is to check the ladder before climbing on. Additionally, do not use the top step of the ladder. Don’t lean too far to either side of the ladder as you try to complete your tasks.

5. Watch how much you carry at once

Be sure you can handle the load; make multiple trips if needed. Additionally, ensure you can see over your load, and always have one hand on the railing.

6. Be careful on wet surfaces.

Wet surfaces make it easy to slip. Therefore, use caution when walking on wet surfaces.

7. Follow the safety instructions and recommendations on cleaning products.

Be sure to read the label on every product you are using. If the label uses words such as “poison” or “danger,” this lets you know this product is toxic if ingested. See what the product recommends for protective measures: Do they suggest goggles or rubber cloves? Keep these products out of reach for children and pets.

8. Air it out

Fumes from cleaners can be dangerous. When using cleaners, open the windows to allow fumes to exit your home and be sure to leave the door to whatever room you are cleaning open. Additionally, consider using green cleaners to lower this risk.

9. Put away supplies when you are finished

Leaving supplies out creates a tripping hazard for you or what may look like a playground to little hands around the house.

10. Safely dispose of products

Be sure to safely dispose of empty containers for cleaning products. If a product isn’t completely gone, be sure to follow the directions on the label/packaging for how to dispose of it safely.