University Crossing | General Heating and Air Conditioning

University Crossing Earns LEED Platinum


University Crossing Building #4 recently received LEED Platinum for Shell and Core and was part of a large multi-building development by Krupp that includes condominiums, retail, office, and medical. This prominent location is situated at University Avenue and Whitney Way in Madison.

Project Specs Include:

  • A Geothermal Water Source VRF (variable refrigerant volume) System which is extremely efficient due to the redistribution of refrigerant which shifts heat as needed and accepts/rejects heat to and from the ground
  • An energy recovery ventilator to pre-treat outside air with exhaust air
  • An individual zoning to maximize control and occupancy comfort
  • DCV (demand control ventilation) system and occupancy sensors which reduces outside air flow and temperature when unoccupied and allows for additional outside air when space is at full capacity (IAQ)