Virtual Office Tour | General Heating and Air Conditioning

Virtual Tour: General Heating and Air Conditioning

We love our work space, so we wanted to showcase it for you with a few photos. This building was redone in 2009, and it really has become the place we now call home.

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When you first walk into General Heating and Air Conditioning, immediately to your right, there is a glass case that showcases the many awards General Heating and Air Conditioning has been awarded. General Heating and Air Conditioning prides itself in these awards as they are a product of our dedication providing quality service and to safety.

Keep walking through the doors, and you will enter our lobby. This is one of the favorite parts of the office, because of the incorporation of the GHAC colors and the homey feeling the decorations give the lobby, with a strong call to our history.

The lobby really offers a lot to our building. You can see it a bit better with this aerial shot!

One neat thing about our new office building is the addition of some little areas like the one pictured below. The General Heating and Air Conditioning colors are once again prominent, with custom glass pieces that are striking and represent Madison, Wis.

If you look at our building from the outside, here’s what our office building looks like. The outside has a really sleek, modern look.

Right next door to our offices, we have a service office, which has a parts showroom! You can see some of the Carrier models we offer. What is really nice is that this is all in the same lot as the General Heating and Air Conditioning offices.

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