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Weekend Projects

window seat and cushions | Photo original as posted. Credit: curtainsbyjoanne Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/38009628@N08/8147712581

Summer is on its way, and it is a perfect time to work on your outdoor projects! Consider this season a perfect excuse to tackle those projects that you have been wanting to complete for a long time, but haven’t. Or maybe you just want to make some stuff for around your house.

Here are some suggestions for weekend projects:

  • Create window seats – Turn your window into another seating area. If you have a bay window, make a seat for in it; otherwise, just make the area around the window to get comfy and soak up sunlight.
  • Build floating shelves – These ideal shelves just pop when placed on the wall; they’re pretty simple to make and are great for all kinds of storage.
  • Make a fun fort for your kid(s), all DIY.
  • Design a fire pit for summer fires with your family – Enjoy the weather with a new fire pit. Stay warm while sitting out on a relaxing evening.
  • Make a pet happy with a pet bed – You can easily make some really creative pet beds, ensuring man’s best friend has a great place to snuggle up.
  • Set up a compost bin – Start living greener. Scout out the perfect spot, and then build one where you think would be best.

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