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Why is my boiler leaking?

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Boilers are pretty sturdy equipment when it comes to your home. They typically have a much longer lifespan than some other appliances given that they contain few moving parts. However, the one thing that does tend to happen with boilers is just what this post is discussing: water leaks. These tend to happen more frequently than other issues, and if your boiler does spring a leak, you want to address is as soon as you discover it. Here are some possible reasons for why your boiler may be leaking:

Problems with the Initial Installation: If there was a problem with the initial installation of your boiler, you can find that you’ll get more leaks. Why is this? If they did a poor job installing your boiler, there may be leaks along the copper pipe fittings. If this is the case, an HVAC expert can typically repair a boiler to get it into shape, or in some cases, you may need a re-installation.

Pressure: Your boiler should be maintaining a steady water pressure. However, if you get a buildup of limescale or calcite in the pipes or in your boiler’s tank, this can drive the pressure higher. When this happens, leaks can occur. A professional will need to address this issue for you.

Corrosion: You might know this already, but rust and corrosion are never really good signs when it comes to metal. If your boiler has begun to corrode in areas, water can leak through the pipes or around valves. If only a small area is affected, repairs can sometimes help with this. Otherwise, if the area is too large, you might need a replacement tank.

The bottom line is if you find your boiler leaking, you want to address the problem as soon as possible. Since your boiler deals with water, this means a leak can spur mold and mildew growth and also cause structural damage to your house.

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