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Why is my boiler so loud?

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*clunk* *bang* Your pipes are making noise, and you find out the boiler is the culprit. These noises are called “kettling noises.” They are caused when limescale or calcite acculmulates on the heat exchanger part of your boiler. When this happens, water can’t flow as usual; it is blocked. As a result, the water will begin to boil, steal, and expand (ever heard a tea kettle?).

When these noises are happening, the pressure in your boiler is going up. While there are a lot of safety precautions to reduce major issues, they can cause internal damage over time and reduce the efficiency of your boiler.

There is another noise that can be caused by the kettling process, a whistling noise. This is from trapped air in your boiler. If this is your case, it’s a fairly simple fix: the air needs to be released. However, you also want to indentify why the air was being trapped to begin with.

There is one last typical sound your boiler may make: a gurgling noise. This is typically caused from a blockage in your boiler or a frozen condensate pipe. If it is a pipe, you will need to thaw the pipe (but you only want to attempt this if you know what you are doing).

Regardless of what noise your boiler is making, you want a professional to take care of this issue for you.

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