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Why is my boiler turning off?

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There are few reasons for why your boiler may be turning off:

1) Low Water Pressure – If your boiler is experiencing low water pressure, it may be leaking or there may be a leak elsewhere in your home. You also could need to repressurize your boiler. If these three issues aren’t the case, usually there is something else going on, such as your pressure relief valve not working. As a result, you’ll want a professional to fix the issue.

2) Lack of Water Flow – If there is no water flow, your boiler doesn’t have any reason to stay on. Your boiler turning off in regards to not having little water flow keeps it from overheating, which is a safety mechanism built into the appliance.

3) Frozen Condensate Pipe – If you have a frozen condensate pipe, it will need to be thawed. If the condensate pipe is frozen, the boiler shuts down as a result.

4) Thermostat Issues  – If your thermostat is broken, your boiler is not able to sense the temperature of the water. Another safety mechanism will trigger the boiler to turn as a result of not being able to sense the temperature of the water. Therefore, you’ll need to replace your thermostat. Additionally, the other option could be that your heat exchange could have broken, something that a professional would need to repair for you.

These are just a few issues that could be happening. Regardless of what your issue is, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself or you think something more serious is going on, you want a qualified professional to assist you with the matter.

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