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Why is my furnace making noise?

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When your furnace starts to make noise, it can cause panic. You aren’t sure what is causing it or why it is doing so.

There are a bunch of different noises your furnace can be making, but here’s a breakdown of two more common ones.

Dirty Furnace Burners – Does the noise you hear only happen when your furnace is turning on and there’s a delay before hot air is released? If this is the case, the burners in your furnace may be dirty.  If there is dirt on the burners, gas can accumulate in your furnace before it actually ignites. When this happens, you hear a loud bang from the gas buildup.

This isn’t something you want to ignore since it can ultimately crack your furnace’s heat exchanger. If that happens, you’ll need a replacement.

If this is what is happening, you want to have a professional clean your furnace burners.

Problem with the Air Ducts – If you can hear the noise from a few feet away from your furnace, it is likely the problem is actually with the air ducts in your home. As your furnace’s blower starts working, it sucks in air and blows it out through the ducts simultaneously. When it does this, some parts of your air ducts can contract or expand. Minor popping is natural because of this. However, if there is a loud noise, this is something you want to address. What might it be?

  • Your vents may be closed. If any of your vents are closed, the same amount of air is trying to get through fewer areas. This increases the pressure, and it can cause a loud noise
  • Your air filter may be clogged. If your air filter is clogged, the blower has a hard time pulling in air that is returning, which causes a popping noise
  • Your air ducts are undersized. If your air ducts are too small, it can cause strain on the air ducts since the blower will be pushing and pulling air through a small area. As it does this, it restricts air flow, and you can get a loud noise as a result

Now, these are just a few things that can cause loud noise with your furnace.

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