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Why Should You Do Preventative Maintenance?

Last week we told you how to do maintenance on your air conditioning unit. You may have asked yourself the question, “Why should I keep up on preventative maintenance for my air conditioner or heating system?” I can assure you, there are a number of good reasons as to why. All of them benefit YOU, the customer.

  1. It’s a good investment. Think of a car. If you keep up regular maintenance, such as oil changes, checking the brakes, etc., your car will likely last longer, and if you want to resell your car, it likely has a higher value because of this upkeep.
  2. Keep problems from becoming bigger problems. If you keep up on preventative maintenance, you will likely catch issues before they become a bigger problem. Doing this will likely save you both stress and money.
  3. preventative maintenance check listYour System Will Run More Efficiently. During a maintenance tune-up visit, an HVAC technician will likely check the following items located in the list to the right.
  4. Fix Problems on Your Schedule. You can schedule preventative maintenance whenever is most convenient for you. This is not, however, the case when it comes to other issues or problems; these tend to happen when it is least convenient. Set the schedule by keeping up on preventative maintenance.

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