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Why the Air Conditioning Wars Will Never End

New York Magazine featured an article recently titled, “Why The Air Conditioning Wars Will Never End,” discussing how one temperature, in an office building or home, feels different to individuals. It may feel warm to some while others are freezing in their offices contemplating bringing a snuggie to work.

So, why is this? “Ambient temperature is far from the only thing that influences this process. Our perception of cold is the product of numerous factors both inside Infinity Air Conditioner Carrierand outside our bodies – many of them beyond our control,” the article states.

One factor is air flow, which can carry heat away from the body and make a person feel chilly. Also, sunlight increases feelings of warmth which is why 70 degrees inside can feel chilly and 70 degrees outside can feel perfectly warm.

Physical differences can also play a role like size, gender, and metabolic rate. Women’s lower resting metabolic rate and higher levels of estrogen amplify their blood vessels’ response to cold. Read the full article to learn more about these factors.