Winter Energy Saving | General Heating and Air Conditioning

Winter Energy Saving Tips

energy plugWe’re in the middle of winter, meaning your energy bill is higher than it had been a few months ago. Here are a few winter energy saving tips to help reduce costs and save more.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

These appliances are exactly what the title says: energy efficient, meaning they will save you money on your monthly energy bill. Recognize these products by looking for the Energy Star label. Many of these appliances cost more upfront, but they save money in the long run, which is something important to consider as you shop.

Use an Auto-Adjusting Thermostat (or Manually Adjust the Temperature)

These thermostats will lower the temperature when you aren’t home and raise it when you come home. You can do the same thing manually. This saves you the cost of paying to heat an empty house during the day while you are gone.

If you go on vacation or are leaving for a few days, do not turn off your heat. Instead, lower the temperature, then raise it upon your return. This will save cost and allows you to avoid the mishap of pipes freezing, etc.

No More Vampires

Many common household appliances, such as TVs, cell phone chargers, and computers, are what are called energy vampires: They continue to suck energy, even when they are not on, if they are plugged in. There is a solution to this problem, however. Unplug electronics when they are not in use OR use a power strip. By using a power strip, you turn off the energy  flow to the appliances, thus ending the waste of electricity. Doing this can save massive amounts of energy, meaning you will see the difference on your monthly energy bill.

Close Curtains After Sunset

If  you close your curtains after sunset, it can prevent up to 17% of heat loss! This allows your home to stay warmer while saving.

What other tips do you have for winter energy saving? You can lower your energy bill with these winter energy saving tips, and you are also helping the environment by taking these measures.